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lesbo unicorns

Survey, away!

1. Who would you see as the older twin?
Roxas, because he seems more mature than Sora.

2. Who could you see comforting who?
I see Roxas comforting Sora mostly (for the same reason as the above question.) But I can also see Sora comforting Roxas (though I think it'd be rarer.)

3. What kind of relationship do you think they would have? Close, teasing, hatred?
I see them as close, but that's probably because one of the reasons I love them as twins is so I can make them close.

4. Who would be the better romantic?
I think Roxas would, but only because I see Sora as the more naive of the two.

5. Who would make better grades?
Roxas... I think Sora would goof around more.

6. Where could you see the twins hanging out on a weekend?
Probably some cafe with a merging of their two 'groups' of friends.

7. Who would be their best friends?
I see Roxas hanging out with some Organization members... Zexion, Demyx, Axel, Lexaus, and I see Sora hanging out with Riku (of course!), Kairi, Namine, and then those 'side friends', Selphie and Wakka. But I pretty much see them all as a merged group of friends.

8. Who could you see each twin dating (yaoi answers def. welcome)?
AKUROKU AND SORIKU! (...yaoi fangirl)

9. Who would be the more emotional twin?
Sora, hands down.

10. Last question...any suggestions for the community on how to make it better or more enjoyable?
Erm... no. No I do not. XD
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Thanks for joining. Your answers were cute :D