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A Little Late For Me

It just occurred to me that I joined the community and never did the survey thing so.

1. Who would you see as the older twin?
I see Sora as the older twin because the whole "adorable clumsy protective older brother" thing would kill me if Sora did it. I think he'd watch out for Roxas and if anybody did anything to his "little brother" he'd unleash a can of compressed hell on their ass. In his own special Sora way.

2. Who could you see comforting who?
I think they'd comfort each other. They're twins. They've been together since birth. They'd both have an acute sense of what the other needs to hear to feel better or if they just need to be quiet and let the upset one talk it out and such.

3. What kind of relationship do you think they would have? Close, teasing, hatred?
I think they'd have a teasing relationship, but when it comes right down to it, they'd have each other's back. You can tell they're close despite their teasing. Actually, the gentle ribbing is part of what makes them seem so close.

4. Who would be the better romantic?
I'm thinking Sora because I can see Roxas as being more reserved about that sort of thing while Sora would put his whole heart into something. It's part of his charm. :D

5. Who would make better grades?
Neither. Sora tries his best, but he falls just short of making a really good grade and Roxas only does as well as Sora does and not as well as he could do. Why bother with effort if you're already passing?

6. Where could you see the twins hanging out on a weekend?
Never really thought about it. Roxas, probably either at home or at Axel's house/out with Axel. Sora would probably be at the park or doing something somewhere that either a) helps people or b) has him out in the fresh air.

7. Who would be their best friends?
I think Sora would be the one with, like, an army of friends (Riku and Kairi in particular, but then Leon, Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, Cid, etc) and Roxas being more picky about his friends. So he'd only have, like, one or two. Particularly Axel and maybe Demyx, through Axel.

8. Who could you see each twin dating?
Sora/Riku and Akuroku, plzthnx.

9. Who would be the more emotional twin?
Sora. I can see him as being the type to be emotional about everything, but only really crying about the important things (like losing a friend.. or a puppy) whereas Roxas would only cry if his entire family was slaughtered. By his own hands. Through some weird twist of fate involving mind control and machete. And only if it happened while Survivor was on. And it was raining.

10. Last question...any suggestions for the community on how to make it better or more enjoyable?
Nope. You guys are more or less cool to me. :3

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