Starry (starry_nights88) wrote in twilight_twins,

1. Who would you see as the older twin? Roxas

2. Who could you see comforting who? Sora comforting Roxas

3. What kind of relationship do you think they would have? Close, teasing, hatred? I think they'd have a close relationship.

4. Who would be the better romantic? Sora

5. Who would make better grades? Sora

6. Where could you see the twins hanging out on a weekend? Movies

7. Who would be their best friends? Kairi, Namine, Axel, and Riku

8. Who could you see each twin dating (yaoi answers def. welcome)? Keeping this so we don't have any twincest; AxelXRoxas and RikuXSora

9. Who would be the more emotional twin? Roxas

10. Last question...any suggestions for the community on how to make it better or more enjoyable? None that I can think of at this point...

*spins* I hope to have some fiction up soon...very soon as soon as I get off my lazy ass and finish it!
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